Donkey Says - Fun & Laughter Lighten the Load

If you got a high score in Attitude, congratulations, you're finding ways to shift how you look at things. You know how to change burdens into something that's more easily carried. It's not that you don't live up to your responsibilities, but you do make them lighter.

It may take some practice to learn ways to change how you handle things and find more supportive ways to keep the fun, love, and magic alive

Both Donkey and Sally have some keys to share with you about how they shift their attitudes.

Next time you feel like it's all too much or too boring, try adding an element of fun, curiosity, play, or mischief to the job.

It just might feel lighter and get done faster...

Donkey carries a big burden every day and finds ways to lighten the load

1. Find a way to turn something hard or boring into more fun.

2. Let go of the Shoulds! We spend too much time focusing on and doing all the things we Should do, and often they aren’t that immediately important. Take a closer look at that list - prioritize yourself.

3. Do the things you have to get done but add some fun to it. Change those boring routines!

4. Put on some music or listen to an audiobook or podcast while running errands or stuck in traffic.

5.  Take some time off to do a little daydreaming. Think of the things you enjoyed when you were younger or dreams that you let go of.

You're Living the World much more when you're smiling and laughing

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